Safe, secure and fully compliant with GDPR

How it Works

The requirements of GDPR now prohibit the sending of documents containing private information by email. By necessity the TO, FROM, DATE and SUBJECT fields of an email are transmitted in plain text and may be accessed by any unintended recipient or third-party who intercepts the communication. Without additional encryption methods in place the email body and any attachments are also accessible. Quite simply, My Courier has been designed to provide a quick, easy and secure way, for Financial Advisors, Mortgage Advisors, Wealth Managers, or in fact anyone, to transfer files across the internet.

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Encrypted Messages

Send an encrypted message, together with your files, as part of a package.

Package Management

Manage multiple packages, containing multiple files, to anyone, anywhere securely.

Dual Authentication

Authenticate all your package deliveries with a mobile text message code.

Delivery Receipts

Check when a package has been delivered, and a file has been downloaded.

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) option for all our web applications, leverages the strongest encryption to protect your data transmission, including at least 128-bit SSL certification. The lock icon in the browser indicates that your data is fully secure while in transit over the internet.