Security and peace of mind for less than the cost of a stamp

Plans and Pricing

Ensuring the security of your data has never been simpler, or more cost effective. Our competitive pricing means you can send a private message, bundle of documents, or both, for less than the price of stamp. If you would like to benefit from our start-up offer, and possibly make a little bit of history, just sign up now.

Top-up your FREE Trial credits

We’re currently offering 50 credits for FREE, and then top-ups in 50 credit batches, for much less than the cost of a second class letter. At around 25p, you can send a secure package, with multiple files, to any of your contacts.

Sign-up for a Corporate Account

No matter what industry you’re involved in, be it medical, legal, finance or local government, we’re sure you will agree that My Courier could be a valuable addition if it was embedded into your services.

* Introductory offer: 50 credits cost £12.50 with payment made via PayPal